3 Places You Can Install Home Surveillance Cameras

March 27th, 2023

Home surveillance cameras are a great way to prevent thieves from breaking into your Tyler, TX house. The presence of a security system alone can really help decrease the chances of a burglary. Statistics show that homes are at a 300% higher risk of being burglarized when they have no security system in place. 

Simply installing home surveillance cameras, however, is not enough. Their effectiveness can be hampered by poor placement around your home. Read on to learn about three ideal spots where you should install your surveillance cameras at home.

Front And Back Door

If you had to choose only one or two spots to have your home security cameras installed, the best option would be any of the entrances to your house. Protecting these crucial areas is essential to keeping your home safe. Start by making sure your main entrances (front and back) are equipped with at least one video surveillance camera. This allows you to keep an eye on your property 24/7. Whether you’re at work or half across the world, you can alert your neighbors and the authorities if you notice anyone suspicious lurking anywhere near your property. If your budget allows it, you may also have a video security doorbell installed right by your front door to avoid having to open it to communicate with unwanted or unexpected visitors outside.

Garage And Remote Entrances

A lot of house burglars like to get creative with how they break into certain homes, especially ones with home security cameras that only protect the front door. Remote entrances such as those for basements, garages, and sheds that lead into the home are very common entry points for house burglaries.

Because a lot of residential homeowners only protect their main entry points, burglars have grown to like using other entrances as they are often discreet. For an extra barrier of protection against criminals and all other unwanted visitors, install video surveillance cameras in these areas as well.

All Hallways

No matter how many cameras you install outside your home, highly persistent and determined intruders will still force their way in to get what they want. If this happens to you, it’s ideal to have a surveillance camera protecting all of the hallways in your house so that you can track which rooms the perpetrators gain access to. You can use this to protect yourself later on with video evidence you can present to your lawyer, the authorities, and even insurance investigators.

Home security goes beyond just setting up a surveillance system to help you watch your Tyler, TX house at all times. There are a lot of things that can put your house at risk, and a professional home security provider can point these things out. With extensive knowledge and experience, they can identify risks and offer the best security solutions for your home. Work with a professional home security provider today to ensure that your Tyler, TX home is as safe as possible.