Where To Put Your Security Cameras? - Top Five Locations

December 13th, 2023

If you are looking to improve the security of your Tyler home, putting an effective surveillance system in place is an ideal way to do so. Security cameras help to increase the chances of catching intruders and should, therefore, be a key component of every home. Not only do these cameras protect your home against intruders, but they also give you peace of mind knowing that together with your family are protected and safe. 

However, before installing any security camera, one needs to choose where they are going to put them carefully. Here's a list of the top five locations to put your home surveillance camera.

1. Front Door

An estimated 35% of all burglars in Tyler, TX gain access to your home via the front door, so you will definitely want to isntall a security camera here. To prevent an intruder from knocking out the camera, put it at second-floor level, and position it on the front door. Consider enclosing the camera in mesh wiring if your home has just one level, to shield it from errant rocks or other things. Installing a high-tech peephole security camera, so you can be able to see who is knocking before opening the door is also highly advisable.

2. Back Door

Another 23% of home intruders enter Tyler homes through the back door, which means you need a security camera here too (and if your house has side doors, they as well count as backdoors). The bottom line is, install a camera at each entry door. Once again, ensure to put the camera out of the reach of people's hands, or to shield it from projectiles, such as sticks or rocks anything a burglar might hurl at it. Also, ensure to install a camera that is both is equipped with night vision and weatherproof. 

3. Off-Street Windows

Intruders often get into a home by breaking the rear windows. By choosing the windows that are not in direct view of the street, they buy some privacy to carry out the dirty deed and decrease their chance of being identified. Get a jump on them and put a camera on any part of your home that has windows are not viewable from the street. Your best option here is also to install a security camera with remote control features and can be operated from a tablet or mobile device. 

4. Basement Stairs

Many basements in Tyler, TX have access doors/hatches, or at least some small windows that are big enough to crawl through. Put a camera on the basement stairs to record any intruder who breaks into your home through the subterranean route. You will also want to install a motion sensor surveillance camera that has night vision capability as far as securing your basement is concerned. 

4. Garage

Garages are usually protected by very strong doors. Nonetheless, we have all forgotten to close the garage door at least one time in our lives. What this does is exposes some of your most high-value possessions, such as seasonal home décor, jet skis, and bikes. A security camera can help catch the intruder before they have a chance to sell your items.