How To Choose A Video Surveillance System for Your Home

December 29th, 2023

Video surveillance systems are the first step to protecting your Tyler, TX home, your property and your loved ones. The best home security systems are those that can provide a continuous watch on your property all day.

But how does one choose among the many security camera types? Here's a list of the best video cameras, their features and the benefits they can bring to the table:

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras can be installed just under the eaves to protect your home and its perimeter in Tyler, TX. With it, you can have a reliable camera that monitors your driveway, backyard, front yard, patio or any outdoor area you need looking out for. These bullet cameras often come with a vandal-resistant feature which varies according to strike rating. The higher the rating, the more it can resist physical impact at various distances.

Advantages of Bullet Cameras

  • Easy to install.
  • The multi-axis brackets allow for easy angle adjustments to view the spots you need.
  • One of the best cost-effective ways to monitor your property.
  • There are outdoor and indoor models available.

Hidden Cameras

Spy or hidden cameras provide the surveillance you need in a discreet manner. Coupled with traditional, visible Tyler home security cameras, a hidden camera ensures an additional protective layer aside from the enhanced security measures. Hidden video cameras are easily concealable by nature

  • you can put them in various household fixtures such as clocks, picture frames, smoke detectors and thermostats. They blend right in home environments and are almost invisible to the casual eye.

    Hidden cameras are best for catching vandals, thieves, and criminals who aren't aware they are being watched and recorded. They aren't likely to tamper with the video camera because they don't know it's there in the first place.

    Advantages of Spy Cameras

    • Provide a good layer of enhanced protection for your family and your property in Tyler, TX.
    • Almost tamper-proof due to being invisible under casual observance.
    • Great for catching criminals as they are unaware of the covert camera installed.
    • The wireless varieties don't require hard-wiring and can be installed in any part of your property.

    Infrared Cameras

    IR, or infrared cameras are excellent for 24/7 monitoring. They can see in the dark as well as during daytime. You can choose various IR ranges, from 65' to 300' or higher, depending on the location in Tyler, TX and your application. Some of the more advanced IR video cameras include better performance against low-light conditions (Full Frame Illumination) and Smart IR technology.

    IR Video Camera Advantages

    • Clear images captured during night time.
    • Total 24/7 surveillance.
    • Night capability features such as IR illumination.

    Dome Cameras

    Dome cameras are self-contained video units that are marked by a tough exterior covering the camera lens. They can blend into any Tyler home environment and are quite easy to install and run. This type of video surveillance system is versatile and great for aesthetic purposes.

    Dome Security Camera Advantages

    • Can be ceiling or wall-mounted, depending on your application needs.
    • Easy installation properties.
    • The form factor is aesthetically pleasing and can fit into any part of your house.
    • The dome camera's obscured lens make it difficult for thieves and criminals to detect.

    Choosing the right type of video surveillance system according to your Tyler, TX home situation is essential for top security and unparalleled peace of mind. Take the time to consider each type that fits in with your needs and application purposes. If you need a free security assessment or consultation, please call Griffin Technology Services at 903-594-4447