Top 6 Ways To Maintain a Safe and Secure Home Automation System

February 9th, 2024

Home automation in Tyler, TX is a great technological breakthrough in home security. With this system, you can remotely access, monitor and change setting of home devices from a web portal or mobile app. You can easily control door locks, lighting, security cameras, cooling and heating systems and other electronic controlled devices. But the fact that you need the internet to operate the system makes it highly susceptible to hackers. It is very easy for someone to penetrate the system if it is not properly secured. You must make sure that all connected devices and home network hardware are secure.

Here are 6 tips for protecting your home automation system from hackers:

1. Secure your Home Network

Developing a secure home network in Tyler, TX should the first measure to keep hackers away. This includes having strong passwords, secure router, and a strong firewall. Have a firewall that will deny unrecognized devices from accessing the system and one that allows you to control requests from new devices. This enables you to control and detect hackers who could be trying to penetrate the system. Make sure that the Wi-Fi is protected since it can provide hackers with easy access to your system particularly Wi-Fi cameras. Your password should be a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers to make hard for hackers to crack.

2. Change Password Often

Though having a strong password is a quite effective measure to keep hackers away, it might not provide absolute security. You need to keep changing them now and then. You never know who is watching since hackers are very patient to learn the pattern so as to steal the passwords. To make sure that you are safe, keep changing the passwords frequently to confuse them. It is important to avoid using the obvious passwords such as birth dates but combine letters, numbers, and symbols to create a formidable password.

3. Check Your IP Camera Logs Frequently

This is one area that is highly susceptible to hacking. Checking your IP camera logs is a crucial measure to keep your Tyler home security automation safe and secure. These cameras come with reviewable logs that enable you to see if anyone tried to or logged into your system. With such information available, it is easy to know if there is unauthorized person snooping around your system. This will inform your next move to keep the system safe and secure.

4. Keep Your Mobile Devices and Apps Secure

For a secure home automation system in Tyler, TX, the security of your mobile devices and apps is crucial. These are devices that enable you to remotely access to your home automated system and thus they will be the main target for hackers. Make sure that the passwords to these devices are protected. Keeping strong passwords and changing them frequently will guarantee safety. It is also important to keep the app updates with the latest secure versions.

5. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Most of the hackings are supported by public Wi-Fi since they are insecure. Avoid checking your system while on such Wi-Fi since it will give the hackers an easy to penetrate your system. Always make sure that you are using a secure network.

6. Install the Latest Firmware Version

If any of the devices in the system have firmware, make sure that you keep them updates. Always make sure that you are using the latest and most updated version. Most of the devices comes with easy instruction on how to update the software from the manufacturer.